Kathleen Zellner’s Filing Raises Big Hopes For…Brendan Dassey??

Kathleen Zellner, powerhouse attorney for Steven Avery of Making a Murderer fame, has recently filed a Motion to Supplement a Previously Filed Motion for Post Conviction Relief and there's a chance it could benefit Brendan Dassey as well as his uncle, Steven Avery. In the motion, she continues to address the obstacles faced by his … Continue reading Kathleen Zellner’s Filing Raises Big Hopes For…Brendan Dassey??

Brendan Dassey and the SCOTUS Sucker Punch

I have written more drafts of this article than I care to count. This has me struggling more than any other case at the moment. At the heart of it is the crushing shock and disappointment, I suppose. I told myself I was prepared for the Supreme Court to refuse to hear his case, but … Continue reading Brendan Dassey and the SCOTUS Sucker Punch

The Convoluted Consensus From The Court Of Criminal Appeals

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has finally handed down a ruling of sorts in the case of Daniel Holtzclaw. More than a year of waiting resulted in mixed emotions when the ruling was read. Initially it looked as if Daniel Holtzclaw finally had a ruling in his favor, but upon reading the actual order, … Continue reading The Convoluted Consensus From The Court Of Criminal Appeals

If I Could Have One Thing – Valentino Dixon

Recently I spoke with Valentino Dixon, and I discovered that he is a man of vision, energy, and perhaps most of all, faith. In prison for 26 years for a crime another man has confessed to seven separate times, he refuses to dwell on the past, and refuses to hold on to hate and anger. … Continue reading If I Could Have One Thing – Valentino Dixon

Kim Davis, Advocate Investigator

The public is starting to look hard at the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, and with good reason. From the very first interviews right up until his sentencing, maneuvers were made to convict this police officer. That might sound trite, because after all, don't we want rapists convicted, and taken off the streets? We do, if … Continue reading Kim Davis, Advocate Investigator

Meet Valentino Dixon

Valentino Dixon has spent the past 26 years of his life fighting his wrongful conviction. That's a quarter of a century. A lot can happen in the world in a quarter century. Birth and death, growing up, growing older, watching your children grow up, and have children of their own can happen. All of these … Continue reading Meet Valentino Dixon

Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

Author's Note: I had originally decided to hold this article for various reasons. However, I do feel that any coverage that can bring awareness is a good thing, so I am releasing it a week after it was originally written. I attempted to update, but pardon any discrepancies I might have missed. Faithful followers of … Continue reading Daniel Holtzclaw Speaks Out

The Sins Of The Father

Tomorrow, on April 24, 20178, in a nondescript courtroom in Springfield Ohio, a young man will discover his fate. It isn't a high profile case, and there will likely be no press coverage. Perhaps there should be, though. Richard Burks may lose the next 4 ½ years of his life, and the question really is … Continue reading The Sins Of The Father

Let The Sunshine In

Freedom of Information requests have gained popularity as the general public gets more and more interested in various topics in their state and country. Sunshine laws are designed, in theory, to make public access to information more streamlined, easier to access, and more uniform. Sounds great on paper. The reality is somewhat murkier. My first … Continue reading Let The Sunshine In

Make Your Voices Heard

We see a lot of folks wanting to advocate for criminal justice reform, or just for a particular person they feel has been wronged by the criminal justice system. Most people are the “dive right in” type, and don't realize that they may actually be doing more harm than good. Advocating for someone or something … Continue reading Make Your Voices Heard